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If you truely want to meet a new culture, there is no better way than exploring its gastronomy. Food has always played an important role in life of Dalmatians. Situated in the very heart of Diocletian’s Palace, Konoba Korta will lead you through Dalmatian gastronomic heritage. Surrounded by ancient walls, this restaurant will provide you with the fusion of traditional recipes and extraordinary taste. Fresh seafood and meat, organic salads and authentic spices make our dishes unforgettable. Welcomed by friendly staff, we will do our best to fullfill your life with experiences that you will always remember with a smile. Enjoy like Diocletian and let us give your palates a royal treatment.



Mediterranean food is wide-known as the healtiest diet regimen which has many benefits to our body and soul. High quality breakfast will give you a perfect boost of energy for the whole day. You can be sure that there is nothing better than a slice of homemade bread with extra virign olive oil, organic dairy products and salads at the terrace in the middle of the ancient palace. Accompanied by Dalmatian sun, near the beautiful sea, you will get back to the past when old Romans walked across Peristyle. All the ingredients originate from Croatia and when prepared with love, they show you a completely new dimension of the most important meal of day. Energize yourself and enjoy the rest of the day.

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